How To Improve Kidney Function – Solution to Chronic Kidney Problem Stages 1-4

How To Improve Kidney Function – Solution to Chronic Kidney Problem Stages 1-4

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It’s completely possible to improve your kidney function by making some very simple changes to your everyday life that you can do in an instant. You are in control of your own health, so start making these positive steps today for a happier and healthier you. Carry on reading to discover how to improve kidney function.

1. Stay hydrated

Water is so important to the health of your kidneys and staying hydrated is going to do you the world of good in general. While you should be consuming plenty of that amazing H20, on the other hand you shouldn’t overdo it. 4-6 glasses of water a day is fine, in fact it’s ideal for fully functional kidneys.


2. Exercise often

If you know that you are not working out as often as you should be, then stop with the excuses and start doing it. Exercise is really important for fighting weight gain and giving you a healthy body in general (including your kidneys.) Even working out for 20 minutes a day is going to make a big difference and these exercises don’t have to be anything too strenuous.

3. Eat healthy

Many kidney issues arise from problems from excessive weight like high blood pressure, which is often down to a poor diet. It’s so important to eat as healthy as you possibly can if you want to improve your kidney function. This means plenty of fruits, vegetables and staying away from processed food as much as possible.


4. Quit smoking

If you smoke on a regular basis, you are damaging blood vessels which leads to a decrease in blood flow to the kidneys. This means the organ is not functioning to its full potential, which could lead to even more serious problems down the line. Stop smoking or at least try to cut down significantly in order to make a positive difference to your kidney function.

5. Avoid alcohol

If you are serious about improving the health of your kidneys and you drink alcohol often, this could be your problem. Alcohol is poison for your kidneys, it literally does nothing good for them. You can still enjoy a drink from time to time if this is something you enjoy doing socially but don’t make a habit out of it.



6. Live a stress free life

This is easier said than done of course but the more relaxed you are, the better your kidneys are going to function. The ‘adrenal glands’ which controls stress are located right by the kidneys, so the two things go hand in hand. Do whatever you can to be happier in your daily life and the health of your kidneys is going to improve as a direct result.

How To Improve Kidney Function Extra Tips

There are more ways to improve your kidney functions than the well known methods that you might have already tried. By putting these steps into action you can reduce your risk of kidney disease or lessen your symptoms if you have it already. Here are some proven ways that work if you want to know how to improve kidney function naturally.


Enjoy the sun

Vitamin D is produced in the body when the sunlight hits your skin, it’s a natural way to promote the production of this essential vitamin. There are many benefits to vitamin D including enhancing your immune system, preventing cancer and improving bone health. Vitamin D also regulates calcium and phosphorus levels which are essential for high quality kidney function. Obviously, you shouldn’t burn yourself in the sunshine to get vitamin D but if it’s a nice day, don’t be afraid to enjoy the sun. You should do this in short bursts and while protecting yourself with sunscreen too of course!


A natural way to improve the functionality of your kidneys is by juicing. Fruits and vegetables are so important to your body due to the vast amount of vitamins and minerals found in them but eating them on a daily basis can be difficult. Save yourself the hassle by starting juicing, which helps you consume all the nutrients you need in one go. A healthy juice drink for breakfast or as a snack throughout the day can do you the world of good. Juicing is easy, all you need is a blender and the required ingredients. So grab your favorite fruits and veggies are see what nutritious and delicious concoctions you can come up with.


Manage your high blood pressure

If you have a high blood pressure (hypertension,) this is something that has strong links with kidney disease and bad functioning kidneys in general. By sorting out your high blood pressure, this could be all that’s needed to give your kidneys the boost that they need. You might not even KNOW you have hypertension, so consider visiting your doctor for a checkup! Making changes to your life or following your health professionals advice/taking medication could sort out this issue.


Avoid certain medication

If you take a lot of over the counter medication to treat common conditions like headaches, this could be INCREASING your chances of bad kidney health. Painkillers that have the ingredient ‘acetaminophen’ are known to cause kidney damage if they are used regularly enough. Some supplements even contain this ingredient, which is pretty scary. You really need to KNOW what you are putting into your body, this means reading the ingredients on painkillers/supplements and anything else that you might be unsure of.


These extra methods to improve the function of your kidneys can definitely impact your life for the better. Medication is not always the answer and there are things that YOU can do in order to reduce your chances of kidney disease and other related conditions. Improve the functionality of your kidneys today by doing all the things that you should be doing.

Now that you know how to improve kidney function, don’t delay! Unless you have a serious health condition, you likely don’t need any interference from a doctor to improve how well your kidneys are working. Drinking plenty of water, eating well, exercise and getting rid of any bad habits in your life are definitely the most important things you should be doing.