Foods That Reverse Diabetes – Plus What To Get Rid Of!

Foods That Reverse Diabetes – Plus What To Get Rid Of!

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Diabetes is a condition that many suffer from and it can greatly affect your life. However, there are things that you can do to help reduce the symptoms of your diabetes, which will help you be healthier and happier. Perhaps you even have diabetes in your family and are worried at developing it at some point, by making certain changes you can almost guarantee that you never get it. It’s mostly your diet that hugely impacts the illness so carry on reading to discover the foods that reverse diabetes.

Green Vegetables

These are not just important for lowering your calories and helping you lose weight, consuming plenty of green vegetables can actually reverse diabetes. Many studies have shown that eating spinach, broccoli, kale are other leafy greens can reduce your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Serving just one portion of green vegetables with your main meal every day can help you drop the risk by 9%.


Non-starchy Vegetables

Onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms and other non starchy vegetables should be a daily part of your life if you are looking for foods that reverse diabetes. They contain all the good stuff your body needs to fight this illness such as phytochemicals and fiber. These vegetables are also kind to the levels of glucose in your blood.


Fresh Fruit

Studies have shown that by eating fruit on a regular basis, you can reduce your likelihood of diabetes by an impressive 18%. Many people know that you should avoid sweet treats like candy and cake if you have diabetes, so fruit help satisfy your sweet cravings but are much healthier. Why not make yourself a delicious fruit smoothie for breakfast every morning? Any fruits will do if you are trying to reduce your likelihood of getting the condition but if you have diabetes it’s best to lower the glycemic effects and you can do this by eating kiwi, oranges, berries and melon.



There are bad carbohydrates and good carbohydrates – beans, lentils and legumes definitely fit into the “good” carbs and should be consumed often to improve your health in a number of ways. They have lots of fiber and protein, which gives them low GL levels. These lead to a reduction in your chances of both diabetes and colon cancer.


Nuts and Seeds

If you want something to snack on and are looking for foods that reverse diabetes, nuts and seeds are ideal. They are low in GL and they have anti inflammatory properties which can stop the development of insulin resistance. A recent study showed that for those who eat at least five portions of nuts on a weekly basis, they are going to reduce their chances of diabetes by a huge 27%. There is no particular type of nut that works better than others, so find which ones you enjoy and stock up on them!


Grass-fed Beef

Many people assume that you should not eat meat if you have diabetes but that is not true. For those of you who are carnivores, it’s going to be great news that by eating grass fed beef you could help reverse your diabetes. Beef contains lots of chromium, which is actually a nutrient involved in lipid metabolism and normal carbohydrate levels. Chromium can also help to balance blood glucose levels which will lessen your symptoms of diabetes and possibly stop it occurring completely.



This delicious fish has lots of fatty acids in it, which is what your body needs when fighting off diabetes. It gives your body a better energy source (rather than sugar) and salmon also regulates blood sugar levels. A dinner of salmon combined with leafy green vegetables would be the perfect meal because it’s full of nutrients and a natural cure for diabetes.


Foods to Eliminate

In addition to incorporating the mentioned foods into your diet, it’s important that you eliminate the bad foods that you might be eating. We all deserve a treat from time to time but the following foods should NOT be in your diet if you are serious about reversing diabetes. Think of your health and eliminate them for good.


Refined Sugar

This is the WORST thing you can eat if you are trying to prevent getting diabetes or you already have the condition and are trying to reduce symptoms. You are going to spike your blood sugar levels rapidly if you consume refined sugars on a regular basis. Candy, soda and fruit juice are the worst culprits and should be avoided at all costs. If you want to sweeten certain dishes or beverages, stick to stevia instead of actual sugar.



Most grains (particularly ones that contain gluten like wheat) have large amount of carbs, which are broken down into sugar almost immediately after consumption. This sugar enters the bloodstream quickly which then causes large elevations in blood glucose levels. Removing all or most grains from your diet is going to make such a big difference to your health and you will notice results straight away.



In addition to not being very good for you in general anyway, alcohol is not great for diabetics to consume. Most alcoholic beverages contain large amounts of sugar which will greatly elevate blood sugar levels. A study has shown that if you consume 3 or more drinks a week, you are going to increase your risk of diabetes by a staggering 43%. If you are trying to reverse your diabetes, this is going to be impossible to do if you drink a lot of alcohol.


The mentioned foods that reverse diabetes are going to make such a difference to how you feel on a daily basis. Trying natural methods like changing your diet is definitely advised first rather than relying fully on medication to reverse your diabetes. Consider what you are putting into your diet to help but also eliminate all the bad stuff you consume, which isn’t good for the condition. While it is difficult to COMPLETELY get rid of your diabetes, you can make a definite difference to your quality of life and head in the right direction by making positive changes to your diet.