How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels – Learn The 7 Ways How

How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels – Learn The 7 Ways How

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If you are wondering how to lower blood sugar levels, carry on reading. As somebody with diabetes, doing this is going to lessen your symptoms and help you live a better quality of life. Although medication can be effective, it can also have side effects which is why it’s better to use natural techniques to lower your blood sugar levels. Here are some tips and tricks that are known to be effective.


7 Ways How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

1. Increase your fiber intake

Fiber is really important because it slows down the digestion of carbs and sugar absorption. This will make your blood sugar levels rise more gradually which is really important for anyone suffering from diabetes. A diet that is high in fiber will also help to improve blood sugar control. With all this in mind, you should be eating foods like fruits, legumes, vegetables and whole grains.


2. Pay attention to your portion sizes

If you regularly eat large meals, you are putting further strain on your body as a diabetic. If you want to know how to lower blood sugar levels naturally, eating smaller portions is a great way to do it. A portion should be about the size of your fist, anything more is simply not necessary. To still feel satisfied with smaller portions, make sure that you are chewing your food slowly and also drink water between each bite. You don’t have to always finish your plate, if you are full – stop eating!


3. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink

It might seem like you have to give up all the stuff you love as a diabetic, but it’s for the good of your health. You DON’T have to stop drinking alcohol together but you definitely should be limiting it. Not only will alcohol dehydrate you, it contains HEAPS of sugar (especially wine and beer). Perhaps cut down drinking to only once a week and stick to drinks that don’t contain much sugar, like gin and tonic.


4. Decrease the amount of carbs you eat

In terms of food, carbs is the food group that you should stay away from. This is because your body breaks down carbs into sugar, namely glucose. When you eat too much carbs, your blood glucose levels will rise. Many doctors recommend low carb diets to people with diabetes, this means you should be cutting down/eliminating things like sweets, grains, soda and cereal.


5. Give intermittent fasting a try

One of the best ways to decrease blood sugar and improve your insulin sensitivity is by intermittent fasting. Scientists have discovered that WHEN diabetics eat also makes a difference to them being able to control the illness. If you’ve never heard of intermittent fasting, it’s really easy to follow. You basically have a window each day (for example, 6 hours) where you eat and for the remainder of the time, you should be fasting. In addition to being good for your diabetes, this can also help you lose weight which is something else that is known to be beneficial for your condition.


6. Limit your levels of stress

Various studies have shown that if you are stressed, this can badly affect your blood sugar levels. Cortisol and glucagon are two hormones that are released during stress, which both cause blood sugar to go up. Manage your stress in whatever way you can in order to lessen your symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Try meditation as a way to handle your stress or cut out whatever it is in your life that are causing these feelings.


7. Ensure you are sleeping enough

Sleep is so important to stay healthy so make sure that you are getting enough every night. Both insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels are affected by a lack of sleep/poor quality sleep. Even if you are busy, it’s so important to make time for sleep. A high quality mattress and pillow can definitely help you get a good nights rest.


You are in control of your health even as a diabetic. I hope this short guide on how to lower blood sugar levels is going to help make a difference to your life. Stop with the excuses and start putting these steps into action today, you will soon notice the benefits.