New Type 2 Diabetes Treatment – Doctors’ Usual Prescription

New Type 2 Diabetes Treatment – Doctors’ Usual Prescription

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Although it is possible to manage your type 2 diabetes through diet and other lifestyle changes, sometimes proper treatment is necessary. There are many different options that are offered by doctors, including new type 2 diabetes treatment. Let’s take a look at the different methods of treatment out there to cure/reduce diabetes.

Diabetes Treatment

All treatment for diabetes basically aims to keep blood glucose at normal levels. While this might not get rid of the diabetes completely, it will definitely reduce your symptoms and can prevent more serious health problems occurring later in life. In most cases, type 2 diabetes gets worse over time so sometimes it requires a lot more than simple diet changes to get rid of the condition. Your doctor will usually prescribe you drugs as a method of treatment. This will usually start off as pills but might also include injecting certain drugs into your body further down the line. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the most effective methods of treatment.


This is the most common type of type 2 diabetes drugs and will usually be prescribed initially by your doctor. It reduces the amount of glucose that is in your liver and released into the bloodstream. In addition to this, metformin also helps to make the body more responsive to insulin. It is helpful to take this medication even if you don’t have the illness yet but are likely to get it, either due to your weight or a family history.



To increase the amount of insulin your pancreas produces, sulphonylureas medication might be necessary. This could include glibenclamide, glimepiride, glipizide or gliquidone. If metformin isn’t ideal for your body or you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then you might be prescribed one of these and will see similar kind of results.



This is a type of thiazolidinedione medication and it makes the cells in your body more sensitive to insulin, therefore taking more glucose from your blood. It is usually take in combination with either or both of the medications mentioned previously, although it is known to cause weight gain.



Preventing the breakdown of a hormone known as GLP1, gliptins are pretty effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. As a result of what it does, the gliptins stop high levels of blood glucose and stop hypoglycemia occurring.



SGLT2 inhibitors 

There are three different SGLT2 inhibitors that you might be prescribed including dapagliflozin, empagliflozin and canagliflozin. They are all taken in tablet form and they increase the amount of glucose that is excreted in urine.



GLP-1 agonists 

This medication reflects the functionality of the natural hormone GLP-1. It boosts insulin and reduces blood glucose if the levels are high. This particular treatment method has to be taken in the form of an injection.




Those with type 2 diabetes, often see a massive spike in blood glucose levels after eating a meal but this medication stops this from happening. Bloating and diarrhea are some common side effects of acarbose so it isn’t often given, only if the person cannot take other forms of medication.


Insulin Injects/Tablets

If none of the other treatments work for you or the symptoms of your type 2 diabetes are more serious, you might be advised to use insulin injections or tablets. These will need to be taken every day and your personal doctor will advise you further on how to do it/why it might be necessary.

New Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Some of the mentioned medication might cause some minor side effects or you might just want more options to help treat your diabetes. Luckily, this is now possible thanks to the new type 2 diabetes treatment. The name of this effective new drug is Lorcaserin. This was originally used to treat obesity but scientists have now said that the positive effects on type 2 diabetes with lorcaserin are said to be enormous. It is actually said to modify neurones in the brain to help regulate blood glucose levels. Type 2 diabetes is in incredibly common disease so this new and exciting method of treatment is sure to be appealing to many.


Obviously you need to do whatever you can to lessen your symptoms of diabetes and sometimes this means actual treatment from professionals. If you are interested in the new type 2 diabetes treatment or any of the other drugs that have been mentioned, talk things through with your doctor and you will hopefully be able to take things from there.


Disclaimer: This article is for reference purposes only. We highly advise to consult your physician before taking the mentioned pills and medication.