Foods To Lower Creatinine Levels

Foods To Lower Creatinine Levels

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If you have kidney disease then your doctor probably told you, there aren’t many treatment options available except dialysis and going through the horrors of a kidney transplant. But that’s not true there are real solutions for stopping the progression and even reversing your kidney disease.

Did you know there are 100% natural remedies for reversing your impaired kidney function? I suffered for years with advanced stage kidney disease, and finally my kidneys totally failed so I had dialysis and eventually surgery to implant a “cadaver kidney”. And I experience worry and fear everyday that some day my “donor kidney” will fail. From my own personal experience I can deeply understand how a person with advanced stage kidney disease suffers on dialysis. And I want to help you avoid dialysis and the horrors of a kidney transplant surgery. And I want to help you with over 7 tips to better kidney health in this video.

Today, after years of proven kidney healing experience helping myself and my clients, I’m known as an expert on kidney disease.
I help people who suffer from this horrible disease improve their kidney health, regain function and even avoid or postpone dialysis or a transplant forever. You can improve or even stop your kidney disease from progressing using a hundred percent all natural methods without dialysis, 100% all natural treatment scientifically proven to repair kidney damage. Here are just a few of the kidney healing secret tips you need to know.

KIDNEY TREATMENT SECRET #1: The delicious superfood blueberries is loaded with special compound that reverses free radical kidney cell damage.

KIDNEY TREATMENT SECRET #2: Dietary and supplemental fiber is used by middle eastern doctors to clear out potent kidney destroying toxins. Ridding your kidneys of this toxins is very important.

KIDNEY TREATMENT SECRET #3: The essential fatty acid fish oil reduces inflammation and corrects heart complications seen in kidney disease.

KIDNEY TREATMENT SECRET #4: You must avoid red meat if you suffer from kidney problems as it speeds up kidney disease.

KIDNEY TREATMENT SECRET #5: The super nutrient CoQ10 gives significant results in helping kidney problems, lowering blood pressure and boosting energy and focus.

KIDNEY TREATMENT SECRET #6: Vitamin D extends the life of your kidneys, slows down the progression of renal diseases, and improves muscles bones strength.