How To Beat Kidney Disease Naturally

How To Beat Kidney Disease Naturally

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Introducing The Kidney Disease Solution 


The All-Natural Way To Improve Kidney Function and Reduce Creatinine Levels – Even If You’re Already On Dialysis!


Confronted with their Nanna’s rapidly declining kidney function and no medical treatment options, the authors began to research tirelessly for a solution to reverse Nanna’s kidney disease. This is when they had a major breakthrough in the treatment of kidney disease.

As the saying goes, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and that is exactly the case for “The Kidney Disease Solution”, an all-natural, proven, step-by-step program for reversing kidney disease.

The Kidney Disease Solution was originally designed by renowned husband-and-wife naturopaths Duncan Capicchiano N.D. and Fiona Chin N.D. to help their beloved Nanna. At age 73, Nanna complained that she was tired and in pain. When Fiona reviewed her blood tests, she was alarmed to see that Nanna’s kidney function was worryingly low. 


Despite the fact that Nanna had stage 4 kidney disease, her GP hadn’t even mentioned that her kidneys were failing! He truly believed that there was nothing to be done, and told Nanna that her only option was dialysis. Naturally she was devastated, but Nanna refused to accept her fate and decided to fight back. 

Following Nanna’s diagnosis, Duncan and Fiona threw themselves into researching natural kidney disease treatments. Nanna followed their recommendations to the letter, drinking a specially formulated herbal tea, taking her supplements, and eating a nutrient-rich diet. Three months later, her doctor was left speechless. 

In just 12 short weeks, Nanna’s kidney function had skyrocketed. Her creatinine was down, her GFR was up, and she’d gone from stage 4 to stage 1 kidney disease. Nanna’s recovery went against everything her doctor had told her, but she was no rare exception. 

Since then, the Kidney Disease Solution has gone on to help over 25,000 people to naturally heal their kidneys. In fact, it’s such a powerful protocol that even those already on dialysis have been able to reverse kidney disease and rediscover their quality of life.  


In Western medicine, a diagnosis of kidney disease is akin to being given a death sentence. Patients are told that there’s no way to heal their kidneys, they will only go downhill, and they’ll eventually need either dialysis or transplant. The Kidney Disease Solution turns this conventional wisdom completely on its head with evidence-based strategies and undeniable results.  

Naomi Beneteau from Los Angeles says:

“For about a year, my GFR has been between 20 and 30. Since reading your book [part of the Kidney Health Solution program], the number has been 45 on my last two visits to the nephrologist.  

I told him about the program and he said if it’s working I should keep at it! I told him I had no intention of stopping. By the way, I am 84 years young.”

Sarah Miller from Sacramento says:

“I found your program and at first I was skeptical. When I started reading phase 1, I knew it was going to work.

Today, my father went to his doctor’s appointment to receive his blood test results. After seven weeks of the treatment, he went from creatinine 5.48 to 3.7, hemoglobin 9 to 10, total cholesterol 275 to 210, LDL 185 to 141 (without cholesterol pills), and GFR 12 to 20.”  

The Kidney Disease Solution is based on over a decade of in-depth medical research and evidence-based holistic treatments, drawing together the best of modern medicine and ancient wisdom. 

The program includes: 

  •  Step-by-step natural treatment plan to improve kidney function and health
  • A kidney repair “toolkit” combining ancient remedies and modern scientific approaches
  • A comprehensive kidney nutrition and diet plan, including a cookbook
  • Carefully designed yoga video for kidney health & energy
  • Stress management techniques, including a guided meditation audio
  • Educational materials for understanding kidney health and disease
  • Breakdowns of news and research
  • Free lifetime program updates in line with the latest kidney research
  • Free lifetime email support from a team of kidney health experts (qualified naturopaths)

Duncan and Fiona’s program, “The Kidney Disease Solution,” is jam-packed with information to allow anyone to improve their kidney function and treat kidney disease.

About The Authors:

Duncan Capicchiano, ND, has over 15 years of experience as a practicing Naturopath,

specializing in healing through nutrition and herbal medicine. He has an advanced diploma in Health Science (Naturopathy) and diplomas in both Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. His goal is to educate as many people as possible about the healing powers of natural medicines and how to easily incorporate these changes into daily life.

Fiona Chin, ND, has over 15 years experience as a practicing Naturopath and to this day she still enjoys supporting her patients from all over the world. Fiona has a Bachelor of Health Science and is currently finishing off her Functional Medicine training. Fiona is also a Whals Protocol practitioner and has a special interest in supporting those diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. She is passionate about educating patients on how to make better choices that promote health and how to harness the power of the mind to promote healing.