How To Lower Creatinine – Rescue Your Kidneys From Further Damage

How To Lower Creatinine – Rescue Your Kidneys From Further Damage

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What is Creatinine?

High levels of creatinine can damage your kidneys and can actually be a contributing factor to kidney disease. There are actually ways on how to lower creatinine levels yourself in a natural way. Whether you have already had problems with your kidneys or you are trying to reduce your likelihood of issues in the future, the following steps are going to help. Before we get started, you might be wondering exactly what creatinine is. It’s basically a blood chemical which is transported to your kidneys which your body then filters out through your urine. Unfortunately, if your kidneys are not working correctly, the levels of creatinine will build up which can have detrimental consequences for your health.

A Guide On How to Lower Creatinine

1. Reduce exercise

If you regularly exercise to a high intensity, then stop. A little exercise is good of course but overdoing it is known to increase creatinine levels. This is because it’s actually the metabolism of the muscles which processes the creatinine so you need to be gentle with them. I recommend walking, swimming and jogging as oppose to anything too strenuous like going to the gym.


2. Eat more fiber

Although not completely proven, it is theorized that creatinine is reduced in those who have a lot of fiber in their diets. This means that you should be consuming plenty of vegetables, legumes, fruits, vegetables and other fiber rich food.


3. Don’t take supplements that contain creatinine

While there are some supplements out there which are great for reducing creatinine levels, ones that actually HAVE the ingredient are obviously going to have the opposite effect. Be sure to read the packaging on any supplements that you do take, to make sure they don’t contain creatinine.


4. Reduce your protein intake

Although protein is very good for you in general, research has shown that it can increase creatinine levels. Red meat is especially known to have a big impact in a bad way. Try and limit the meat you eat in exchange for more vegetable based dishes. Vegetables are going to do your body good in a whole number of ways, including reducing creatinine.



5. Using herbal remedies

There are many herbal remedies out there that are worth giving a go if you want to know how to lower creatinine levels. Herbal and green teas are known to be particularly effective, so start drinking these on a regular basis. Some other things to try include nettle leaf supplements and salvia. Although these are known to lower creatinine levels, you should talk to your doctor before you introduce any of these into your life particularly salvia.


6. Monitor your fluid intake

While drinking water is important for those with kidney damage, too much of it is not a good idea for what you are trying to achieve. You should be drinking 6-8 glasses of 250ml of water a day but don’t force yourself to drink this much if it doesn’t feel right. The amount of water you should be drinking might vary from person to person depending on your height and weight. If you are unsure, seek advice from a health professional. The general rule of thumb is to keep yourself hydrated but don’t drink too much water either.


7. Get enough sleep 

Your bodies functions slightly decrease while you sleep, which is ideal for decreasing creatinine levels. You should be aiming for around six to nine hours sleep a night to make sure your body is getting the rest that it needs. Sleep deprivation will cause your kidneys to become stressed and makes it unlikely that it will be able to filter out creatinine properly.


8. Consider other medication

If you have tried many of these but your doctor is advising that you still have low creatinine levels, consider taking medication prescribed by him. Although these methods are not what everyone want to try, it’s important that you keep your kidneys as healthy as possible.



When you are looking how to lower creatinine levels, I think you can see that there are many natural options to try. It’s so important to take care of your health and reducing creatinine means your kidneys are going to be in better condition and it even helps to repair ones that are already damaged.